These paintings are so well - executed that we have to admire McGinnis' commitment to both ideas and technique, a breath of fresh air in an art world that is long on conceptual whimsy and short on craft.

Margaret Hawkins - Chicago Sun Times

McGinnis says she aims to help us "gain self knowledge" through her paintings, "so we can better protect ourselves and our planet."

Kanchan Limaye - American Arts Quarterly

"If she says that that's fine. If she wants to do that that's swell. She should do what she wants... She's going to become some kind of heroine... I'll tell you that."

Leon Golub

Tony Serabia's Interview
WBEZ. Chicago Public Radio

McGinnis' project received a big boost when artist Ed Paschke got on board. Paschke says he agreed to serve as a juror for entries because he considered it "a very ambitious undertaking. For me it begs the question that's always on a lot of artists' minds, which is, "Does art have the capacity to change society or is it just preaching to the choir?"

Lisa Stein
Chicago Tribune

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