Renee McGinnis

(773) 227-0702


1993 University of Chicago, Chicago, IL Sociology, Anthropology non-credit graduate study
1980-84 Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL BFA

Broadcast Designer, WGN TV - Creative Services


1996 International Salon, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY
1995 20 Person Competition Show, Juror, Steve Gang, Agora Gallery, New York, NY
1994 Emerging Artists Annual International Exhibition, Limner Gallery, New York, NY


2006 Artfutura, juror: James Rondeau, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
2005 Chicago Solution Show , juror :James Rondeau , ARC Gallery. Chicago, IL
2003 The Chicago Solution Show - juror, Ed Paschke. Schopf Gallery On Lake, Chicago
2003 I See London I See France- juror , Gregory Knight ARC Gallery , Chicago, IL
2002 Works on Paper. juror, John Brunetti, Eastern IL. University
2002 Animal Images, The Anti-Cruelty Society, judged by Ed Paschke, Chicago, IL
2002 Urban Edges VI, BAAC,juror, Lynne Warren (MCA) Barrington, IL
2001 Import Export, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000 Juror, Jumaane N' Namdi, ARC Regional, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000 Juror, James Yood, Rockford Midwestern Juried Exhibition, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL
2000 Juror, Teresa Parker, 13th Annual Women's Works Exhibition, Woodstock, IL
2000 Juror, Ed Paschke, Noir, Suburban Fine Arts Center, Highland Park, IL
2000 Juror, Lynn Kearney Mini-Millennium, Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, IL
1997 Juror, Ann Sass/Curator, Whitney Museum, New York/ARC IV Annual Regional Chicago, IL
1996 Juror, Susan J. Cooke/Whitney Museum, Art Center of Northern New Jersey
1995 Emerging Artists Juror, Steve Gang, 479 Gallery, New York, NY
1994 Carlos Gutierrez-Solana, Juror, The Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY
1994 In The Spirit, Juror, Staci Boris, Contemporary Artcenter, Arlington Heights, IL
1994 Multi Perspectives II, Juror, Karl Wirsum, An Art Place, Chicago, IL
1994 Creative Synectics, Juror, Robert Loescher, An Art Place, Chicago, IL
1993 Carlos Gutierrez-Solana, Juror, The Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY


2008 NEXT, Artropolis, Chicago, IL


2007 Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL
2005 ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
2002 Fraser Gallery, Bethesda MD.
2001 Montgomery Ward Gallery, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL
1996 ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000 International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago, IL
1999 ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
1999 Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL
1998 Romero Design. Oct-Nov. Chicago, IL
1998 Romero Design. Oct-Nov. Chicago, IL
1997 March -April David Barnett, Miwaukee WI
1997 April ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
1997 November Gang Gallery, Soho, New York, NY
1996 Gang Gallery, Soho, New York, NY
1991 Bel-air Room, Ka-Boom, Chicago, IL
1990 Cairo Jazz Club, Chicago, IL
1987 Boyd Tower Gallery, University of lowa, lowa City, IA


2005 Light Street Gallery, Baltimore, MD
2004 Ekeichiera, Schopf Gallery, Chicago, IL - now Packer Schopf Gallery
2004 World View, College of Lake County, IL
2002 Postcards from the Edge. Sperone Westwater NY, NY Visual Aids Fundraiser
2001 Fraser Gallery, Georgetown, VA
2000 13th Floor Gallery Spring Exhibition, Chicago
2000-01 Phobia, 13th floor Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000 Horizon Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
2000 Ateleirhof Kulturhandwerk, Bremen, Germany
2000 Neues Museum, Hamburg, Germany
2000 Mini Millennium, Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000 Beverly Fine Arts Center, Chicago, IL
1999-2000 Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago, IL
1999 ARC Gallery, Teen Living Benefit, Chicago, IL
1999 "Conflict Resolution" Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
1998 DiX Art Mix, Chicago, IL
1998 Chicago Art Open
1998 Romero Design. Chicago, IL
1998 Swan Gallery- Sydney, Australia
1998 Friends Of The Arts, Configurations
1998 Romero Design, Chicago, IL
1998 Derriere Guard Graham Foundation Arts Festival, Chicago, IL
1998 Then and Now, NIU Art Museum
1997 "Manhood II, Girly Show" Cornelia Arts Building Chicago, IL
1997 American Independence, David Barnett Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
1997 "Plausible Deniability" Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Slide exhibition, L.A. CA
1997 Surrealism Show, David Barnett, Milwaukee, WI
1996 Northern Indiana Art Association 53RD Annual Salon, 2 paintings
1996 David Barnett, Milwaukee, WI
1996 ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
1995 CWCA 25th Anniversary Show, Chicago, IL
1995 Wood Street Gallery, Chicago, IL
1995 Artemesia, Chicago, IL
1995 Ohio Street Gallery, Chicago, IL


2005 Chicago Solution Show, juror: James Rondeau
2003 Chicago Solution Show, juror: Ed Paschke
2000 Teen Living Exhibition, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL


2001 "Suite Home Chicago" Complete Suite - Sponsor: Chicago Board of Tourism.


1995 to 1998, Gang Gallery, Soho, New York, NY
1996 to Present, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL


Stephen Kluck
Howard and Judith Tullman
Dick Cogswell
Dennis Lapidus
Larry Gerber
1998 Bill Clinton & Hillary Rodham Clinton
Alan Matthew
David Barnett
Dr. Ramez Salem
Ellen Lustig

William Schopf
Goodman Realty Group
Joseph Gaynor
Ellen Rosenberg
Rene Romero
Coots Siegel
Hedge Fund Research, L.L.C. Chicago, IL
Nicholas Financial, Chicago, IL
Schopf & Weiss, Chicago, IL
Dr. Joan Ryder Benz
Joseph Nicholas
Joesph Verdi
1990-1995 The Eccentric (An Oprah Winfrey Restaurant) Chicago, IL
Robert Ian Winstin
Mary Ann & Nick Karris, Water Tower Realty
Dr. Craig McKenna
Richard Wolford
Mike Barnhill
Michael Laughlin
David Vandenburg
Mike Carsella
Evan Ellman


East Bank Club, Chicago, IL
Orleans Plaza, Chicago, IL


2008 Elgin Community College
2001 TVO Realty, Chicago, IL
2000 Mary Ann & Nick Karris, Water Tower Realty
1997 Hedge Fund Research, L.L.C. Chicago, IL
1997 Nicholas Financial, Chicago, IL
1996 Schopf & Weiss, Chicago, IL
1990-95 The Eccentric (Oprah Winfrey's restaurant), Chicago, IL

2006 Juror, Annual Originals Show, Northbrook Public Library, Northbrook, IL
2002 Judge, Des Plaines Annual Art Fair, Des Plaines , IL


2002 Honorable Mention. Judge John Brunetti, Works on Paper. Eastern IL. University
2002 Best of Show, Judge: ED PASCHKE, Anti-Cruelty Society Animal Images Show - Chicago, IL
2001 2nd Place, Art Against Aids, The Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL
2000 Honorable Mention, Juror, James Yood, Artists of the Millennium, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL
2000 Best of Show 13th Annual Women's Works, Woodstock, IL.
1999 1st Place, International Platform Association, Washington, D.C.
1998 Honorable Mention, Jurors Tom Blackman, Gelsy Verna, Jay Dandy. Hyde Park Art Center. Members' Show
1998 Best of Show by Popular Ballot Inspired Parnership Art on the Walk
1997 Honorable Mention, ARC IV Regional, Juror Ann Sass, Curator Whitney Museum, N.Y.
1996 Best of Show, by popular ballot. Northern Indiana Arts Association
1991 National Television Emmy Award "A Message from Michael Jordan" designer
1987 National Bronze Award, Broadcast Designers Association
1984 Grumbacher Award, McLean County Art Association


2007 Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL
2003 Adlai Stevenson H.S. Lincolnshire. IL
2003 Reavis School, Chicago, IL
2003 Dodge School, Chicago, IL
2001 - 2002 Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL
2001 Fourth Presbytarian, Chicago, IL
2003 Loyola University, Dept. of Fine Arts, Chicago, IL
1999 Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL
1999 Annual Teen Living Benefit, Preston-Bradley Hall, Chicago Cultural Center
1997 Art Encounter
1992 University of Wisconsin at Green Bay


1998 Teen Living
1997 Art Encounter


2006 Artist to Artist with Enid Silverman, Comcast Cable
2003 WTTW Ed Paschke, Artbeat Chicago - Chicago Solution Show
2003 WGN Morning News, Chicago Solution Show
2001 WGN Morning News "Suite Home Chicago"
2001 Free For All, WYCC "Suite Home Chicago"
2001 Chicago Works, Channel 23 "Suite Home Chicago"
2000 WGN 9:00 News: International Museum of Surgical Science
2000 WYCC 20 Absolute Artistry 1999 WGN 9:00 News: Teen Living Benefit at ARC Gallery
2000 WTTW 11 Artbeat Calendar
2000 Straw Edutainment - Childrens program re-motivation & Education Bowling Green Ohio
1999 WG 9:00 News: Teen Living Benefit at ARC Gallery
1991 WGN 9:00 News: Ohio St. Gallery Debut



1990 Encyclopedia Britanica for S. W. Hawking/A Brief History of Time. Science and Future Yearbook p. 44, 45, 49


2002 Catherine Cook School, Chicago, IL.
2001 American Parkinson's Disease Ass. Midwest Chapter
2000 Elmhurst Art Museum
1999-2000 The Peach Club/Gallery 312
1998-2003 Teen Living Programs
1999 AIDS Care - Three Arts Club, Chicago, IL
1999 United Way - East Bank Club
1999 LINK
1999 St. Josephs Corondalet
1998 Chicago Symphony Orchestra Benefit
1998 Inspired Partnerships
1998-99 Art Encounter
1998-2001 Hyde Park Art Center
1997-2001 Art Against Aids
1998 Snowball, CMH, Field Museum
1998 WGN Children's Charities- Cystic Fibrosis, The Drake
1998 Deborah's Place


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2004 Co-starred in "AMERICAN BURQA," a Hossein Khandan and Shahin Yazdani film


2007 Dec. 21 WBEZ Eight Forty Eight with Matt Cunningham, "Three to See." Darwin, Jasper Johns, Renee McGinnis
2003 WBEZ Public Radio - Interview with Renee Mc Ginnis, Ed Paschke and Leon Golub - re: The Chicago Solution Show
2002 WBEZ Public Radio - Morning edition with Tony Serabia - artist responds to 9/11