The Chicago artist Renee McGinnis is known for painting man made super structures, decaying in surreal gardens or adrift on the high seas. Throughout her career McGinnis has never limited her practice to one single body of work or aesthetic. It is clear after seeing her plural evolution that this artist has a curiosity and capability that allows several bodies of work to emerge with a seriousness one usually finds with the singular perspective of art making.

The acrylic Jeweloids are the tendons to the muscle of her large scale oil paintings. These playful, somewhat sexual paintings provide this artist with release and opportunity for rapid experimentation. Each work breaks down the human body into jeweled, geometric, organic and colorful components with some elements migrating to other areas of the painting or radiating from the center of a piece of jewelry attached to the surface . Many works touch softly on emotion, procreation, longing and suggest the stuff we are all made of and the manner in which we adorn ourselves to attract each other.

The acrylic icons are the ancestors of it all. They come from a calm and noble place. They honor the work that great people do and beauty of that work. These are the paintings that grounded McGinnis in the early years of her practice.

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